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In this 25 minute virtual stretching class we're putting all the focus on stretching techniques and increased mobility and flexibility. Private sessions offered.


In this 30 minute low - moderate intensity workout class, we're going full out! Improving flexibility, mobility, balance and strength, while also toning the body. This class is offered in person and virtually for both private and group private sessions. Grab your workout buddy and let's get flexi and burn some calories. Book now!


Freaky Flow & Flex is a sensual stretching class sure to improve flexibility, strength, confidence, and your sex life! This class is filled with both dynamic and flowing dance inspired movements that help warm the body and increase flexibility. This class is offered both in person and virtually and can be booked for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, private sessions and other special events. What are you waiting for? Contact us with your request or  book a session today!  



Learn sexy floor tricks, get in shape, build strength and improve flexibility in this sensual floorwork focused class, suitable for all levels. Book now and awaken your inner sex kitten.


 This is a perfect introduction to heels dancing. It is geared toward women who are at the beginner level. During this class you will learn basic techniques including turns, Strutting, poses, and across the floor sequence. This class can also be booked for bachelorette parties, birthday parties, private online, or in person sessions and other special events. Contact us with your request or book a session today!


This heels dance class is a fun way to let loose with the girls. Those taking this class will learn sexy, hair tossing choreography, dance techniques and let’s not forget strutting!! No heels class is complete without strutting our stuff across the room. This class is a hit for individuals looking to stay active, build confidence and feel sexy. Contact us to book for bachelorette parties, weddings, birthday parties, private online, or in person sessions and other special events.. Keep an eye out for our pop up event classes. 


We're adding all the fitness elements to this majorette inspired dance fitness class. Experience cardio in a new way! Improve muscle tone, strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and flexibility all in one class.

Whether you are an experienced dancer or not, this class is a sure way to improve self-confidence, feel sexy and have fun.

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